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Price Per One Off Record


7" Single - £12.50

10" Dubplate (2 Tracks) - £17.50


12" Single - £20

12" EP / Promo Cut - £25

12" LP Album - £35

Playback Times

7" Singles can hold up to 10 minutes of audio.

12" Singles can hold up to 12 minutes of audio.

12" EPs can hold up to 25 minutes of audio.

12" LP Albums can hold up to an hour of audio.

We take each order on an individual  basis so these prices are estimates.

Extra tracks on 10" Dubplates are priced at £2.50 each.

With every cut we use our outboard gear to make sure your music transfers as best as possible to vinyl for optimum sound quality.

Short Runs/Batch orders are subject to discounted prices per unit. 


The maximum number of units per short run/batch varies depending on the format and audio

run time.

The best way to receive a quote for a batch order is to email us at or

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